Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lots-of-ways Banana Cake

Dorie says that this cake was created to be very flexible--you can use sour cream, buttermilk or coconut milk, for example and you can add toasted coconut or any manner of dried fruit. The cake can be frosted, left plain, drenched with rum or drizzled with chocolate. Since I was making it for Rich's choir rehearsal and the folks would be using their fingers, I chose to make it plain, cut it in squares and sprinkle on powdered sugar.
Baking from Dorie's book is usually fun and the fun part of this recipe was to toast the coconut and then stir it into the batter. What made that fun was that the batter crackled as I stirred in the coconut! And this cake is really yummy! It's definitely a banana cake, not banana bread, and I can easily see dressing these two rounds up by stacking them up and frosting them with a delicious frosting. A wonderful cake!

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