Friday, February 19, 2010

Classic Banana Bundt Cake

This cake was entirely fun to make. My bananas weren't all that ripe so I decided to mash them with the pestle in the mortar (or is it the other way around?!)

While baking, the lovely aroma permeated the kitchen and spread through the whole house! No kidding, this blog should have a special banana-cake-emitting scent in order to convey how lovely this cake smells. I didn't even need to eat lunch--all I had to do was inhale the luscious aroma from the cake!

Dorie says that this cake is better the next day so I wrapped it tightly in plastic wrap and this morning I drizzled on the lemon glaze. I took the lovely cake to a Raging Grannies brunch and it was much enjoyed! The texture is lovely and the lemon glaze was just right.

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