Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Coconut Tapioca

We have a wonderful bulk foods store in Rochester (NY) that sells just about every kind of flour, dried fruit, nuts, and coconut that you can imagine.  They had three kinds of tapioca!  They do mail order if you'd like to give them a try.  Niblack

This was a breeze to  make and everyone enjoyed it.  It reminded me that I enjoy making pudding, especially stirring and watching the chemical changes!

My family wondered about bonne idea possibilities.  We decided that we could add coconut, drizzle on some chocolate, or use cherry liquer instead of vanilla and add dried cherries during the cooking so they would plump up.  Anyone else have other ideas?

However, I think this was delicious on its own.  Here's my little dish with a strawberry added for color!  If you want to check out the posts of other Tuesdays with Dorie bakers, here's the link.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Limoncello Cupcakes

Two obstacles arose to baking this recipe for Limoncello Cupcakes.

Obstacle number 1:  I didn't have limoncello and had never heard of it.  Obstacle overcome when I sent my husband off to buy a bottle. He learned that  it's best served very cold and we should keep it in the freezer.  Don't know whether I'll be drinking it or using it in cupcakes!

Obstacle number 2:  Dorie suggests decorating with a swirl of frosting using an open star decorating tip.  I couldn't find my decorating supplies!  Had I given them to a friend or relative?  Had I stored them in a new place after I reorganized my kitchen?   Second obstacle overcome when I walked down to my local cooking supply store and bought a lovely open star tip for $1.90.  I decided against buying a package of pastry bags or a fancy-schmancy silicon bag.  Instead, I cut a corner off a plastic sandwich bag and dropped the tip in for a make-shift pastry bag.

The cupcakes are simple to make.  I decided to make a bunch of mini cupcakes and a few regular-sized cupcakes.  The yield was 24 minis and 6 regulars.  The real fun part was decorating them--it was well worth the $1.90 spent on the decorating tip!  And I think these were a light, lovely spring treat.

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