Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Pink Grapefruit Tart

First let me say that I live in Rochester, NY, which is just south of Lake Ontario.  We generally have long winters with a lot of snow--we are the third snowiest city in the U. S.  But this has been one very cold, very snowy winter.  This picture of my house makes it almost look pleasant--sort of winter wonder-land-y.  But since that picture was taken on a cold, sunny day last week, we've had even more snow.  And it remains very cold:  today it is 7 degrees F with the wind blowing and it is expected to drop down to -8 F.  All I've got to say, is thank goodness for central heat, indoor plumbing, and baking!  Those three are keeping me sane.

The snow is building up.

I love baking tarts because they are so beautiful.  And because often I am able to make parts of it over a couple of days and then assemble it on the day I plan to serve it.  So it was with this tart.
Peeling and sectioning the grapefruit.  I improved with practice.

Straining out the zest before I blending the cream in the blender.

I wasn't quite sure what "set" meant, but I think I got it just right.    The layer of almond cream cooling.

The decorated tart.  I used the idea Dorie shared when she posted a picture on Facebook.

Getting ready to serve to our friends.  We had French Onion Soup with homemade baguettes.

There were lots of oooohhhs and aaahhhhs when my friends took a look at this tart.  And it was so delicious, that there wasn't a bit left!


  1. Gorgeous! I am definitely trying the rose layout next time. Did you find that you needed more than 2 grapefruits to fill up the top or was 2 enough?

    I, too, wasn't sure what "set" meant, haha.

  2. Wow! Your tart looks excellent! It's no wonder why it got lots of "ooohhh's and ahhhh's!"

  3. I'm not surprised by the reactions you received - your tart is gorgeous! I'm on the north side of that lake experiencing similar weather and understand the relationship between baking and one's sanity quite well!

  4. Love your rose! And I agree -- baking promotes health! :)

  5. So fun to see your house...after all these years baking with you, it is just fun to see that and imagine you there. Your presentation with the grapefruit slices like a rose is just stunningly beautiful.

  6. Love the beautiful flower you made on top. Hope this winter comes to an end soon!

  7. Your tart looks like it was made by a professional

  8. did you looks at the original tart on hugo & victor's website? yours looks just like it! hope you are staying warm up there-- we have a 35 degree day here today, and it feels like a spring day to me!

  9. That is a beautiful tart, I love the way you arranged the grapefruit, so

  10. I love, love, love the rose shape you got on your tart. That is insanely pretty.