Sunday, May 2, 2010

Chocolate Pudding

After moving mulch for several hours yesterday, I was feeling at loose ends. I felt like baking, but didn't feel like making a big production. Dorie's Chocolate Pudding seemed like the perfect solution. I had all the ingredients and it didn't produce large quantities which I'd only have to give away.

This pudding is fun to make. One thing I love about Dorie's recipes is that you have to be really active when you're cooking, and this is certainly true about the pudding. I used a food processor, saucepan, double boiler (to melt the chocolate), bowl to separate the eggs and various whisks, spoons, and rubber spatulas. The result was a countertop with 6 lovely puddings, waiting to go into the refrigerator.

And a countertop full of various bowls and pots to clean up! I must admit that I didn't mind that there were so many bowls involved--all the more for me to lick.

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