Saturday, January 23, 2010

Basic Marbled Loaf Cake

So last night, Lydia called to say that she would be able to come to Rochester for the dance tonight. And that she would love to have dinner with us. And Nancy would be riding with her and could she come for dinner also? Of course! So I looked through Dorie’s book and my first choice was cheesecake brownies but they require time to chill in between steps.

So I settled on the Basic Marbled Loaf Cake--I’d get to use my new loaf pan and it would be yummy. I went to Wegman’s for an expensive bar of good white chocolate that would be melted and stirred into the white batter. Found what I needed, but when I was unloading the groceries at home, that lovely bar of chocolate was not there! I almost drove back to the store, but decided to use Ghirardelli Classic White chocolate chips--which I had on hand.

I melted the bittersweet chocolate and set it aside to cool. It was smooth and wonderful. I melted the white chocolate chips over simmering water but they were not so smooth. With stirring, the white chocolate finally smoothed out and so I set it aside to cool also.

By the time I mixed up the batter and was ready to mix the chocolate chocolate in half of it and the white chocolate in the other half, I realized there might be a problem. The chocolate batter looks great. But the white chocolate had partially solidified! Which, of course, I didn’t realize until I had dumped it into the batter. So I tried stirring it in with the paddle attachment on the stand mixer, which was only partly successful. There are chunks of white chocolate in the white batter.

It’s in the oven now. We’ll see what happens.

The verdict is that it tastes great! And the little bits of white chocolate are a wonderful addition.

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