Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Apple Speculoos Crumble

I love Dorie's Speculoos recipe and so the thought of having crumbled cinnamon cookies on top of baked apples seemed like such a great idea.

I made the Speculoo dough and weighed it out, baking only what I needed.  No surprise, the cookie dough weighs more than the baked cookies, but I had figured that in when I was deciding how many cookies to bake.

Dorie says to break up the cookies with your fingers and to be careful so that they don't turn into teeny, tiny crumbs.  I had the opposite result:  mine were rather chunky.  I debated whether or not to roll them out a bit, but finally decided to go with chunks--I mean, what's the problem with eating cookie chunks in your apple crumble?

My apples are Northern Spy, the best variety, in my opinion, for pies and crisps.  They have fantastic flavor and they soften up when baked but they don't turn mushy.

The result was yummy and my husband's opinion is that he prefers the speculoo cookie topping over my more traditional brown sugar/oats/flour/butter topping.  I'm sure I'll be baking this again!

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Speculoos in the bowl

Mixing--sort of--the chunky speculoos and butter.
Northern Spy apples

Out of the oven

With ice cream


  1. I admire that you made speculoos! Looks delish, and i am sure the cookie chunks were a nice foil against the warm, soft apples.

  2. My husband would like the addition of ice cream too. I am making this as a second dessert for Thanksgiving. Looking forward to it.

  3. We don't get biscoff brand here so I made Dorie's speculoos too. Glad to know the chunky topping works.