Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Matcha Financiers

I'm so glad there is a make-up Tuesday this month because it gives me the opportunity to bake the Matcha Financiers which I hoped to get done this month!

We were away for two weeks, visiting sons in Seattle and Portland.  While in Seattle, I looked for matcha tea and found it in a beautiful tin at Remedy Teas.  However, the beautiful tiny tin of tea cost $30 and that seemed too pricey when I only needed 1 1/2 teaspoons!  Happily, I found a bin of matcha in the bulk section of the Central Co-op and was able to buy just the right amount for the reasonable price of $0.85!  I had to transport that tea back home, however, so as to be able to use my favorite mixing bowls and pans.

The little bit of matcha that I bought from the Co-op for $0.85!  It may look like there is a lot in the bag, but that's because the inside of the bag was coated with the fine powder as it traveled from Seattle, WA to Rochester, NY.

All my ingredients ready.

Stirring in the matcha and flour.  

Not really pea-green, but definitely shiny.
Going into the oven.  I decided to make just enough for this evening and more tomorrow.

Mine didn't turn out as green as some of the pictures I saw.  Difference in the matcha?

I meant to take a picture of the split level pudding but didn't remember until it was all gone!  It was scrumptious!

There are still some posts up of other baker's Matcha Financiers.  Check them out here:  https://tuesdayswithdorie.wordpress.com/2016/03/22/bcm-lyl-matcha-financiers-or-odiles-fresh-orange-cake-2/


  1. I've yet to make that one, but I caught up on a couple this week - the hot chocolate panna cotta and the carrot-tangerine cake. It's great that you could find matcha tea in the bulk section!

  2. Your matcha financiers look delicious and the split level pudding (sounds intriguing) must have been scrumptious to disappear so fast!

  3. You and I had similar results with the match tea but no matter green or not they tasted good. I see you used your egg yolks too:)