Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Lemon Squares, French Style

Every now and then I'll be at a potluck and someone will bring lemon squares.  They are usually tasty, but occasionally they are too sweet or gloppy.  I looked forward to trying Dorie Greenspan's Lemon Squares, French Style.

Let me just say the these were scrumptious.  The lemon curd was the perfect consistency and very lemon-y without being overly tart.  The crust was lovely, as one might expect with the use of almond flour.  The key here, I think, is that this recipe uses one pound of butter.  With that much butter, how can it not taste great?!

Cooking up the lemon curd.  Notice those hunks of butter?

Rolling out the crust, using a small glass as Dorie suggested.

The crust has baked a bit.

About to spread out the lemon curd.

Ready for the oven with extra crust sprinkled on top and finally topped with chopped, slice almonds.

Out of the oven.
Dorie writes that the edges will caramelize and that they will be the best part.  I figured my guests would think that the edges were "burnt", so I trimmed them off.  And ate them myself.  Yummy!

Here's my husband, setting things up for our first Soup Night of the winter.  The Lemon Squares and Dorie's Apple-Apple Bread Pudding (from Baking From My Home to Yours) are the first things our guests will encounter when they arrive.  My son made the two artisanal breads, and there are two big pots of soup on the stove, Mrs. Albarelli's Italian Bean Soup and Mushroom Bisque.  

For the past twelve years, we have invited friends to our house to share delicious soup, fresh bread, and luscious desserts, for a series of nine Mondays in a row throughout the winter.  It's a chance to fill our house with good food, good friends, and good conversation.  Last night was the first Soup Night of the season and we had 28 guests!  People bring wine, salads, appetizers and side dishes to share.  I send out a bunch of invitations but RSVPs are unnecessary:  I like t be surprised!  It was a wonderful evening!  I learned about new jobs, happy excursions, and overheard conversations about brewing beer, scuba diving, jigsaw puzzles and grandchildren.  All of the desserts and breads were consumed and we had just one quart of soup left over.  It was great to reconnect with our friends on a cold, snowy night and great to share my baking with them.

To see what other Tuesday with Dorie bakers baked this week, check out this link.


  1. Such a wonderful way to gather your friends together. It sounds like a lot of fun. Good food always works. I love the bread that your son made, fantastic. Both of your desserts turned out beautifully,
    they look great.

  2. Soup night sounds like a great idea! What a wonderful way to recover from the frantic pace of the holidays and spend time with friends. The lemon bars sound great but I think I may have to cut some of that butter-my pants are already a little tight!

  3. Soup night sounds fabulous, as do all the foods you listed...and those squares! (Do you live in my neighbourhood? Because I'm happy to join in your soup night! ;)

  4. What a great idea to have your friends over. The menue is wonderful. I cannot wait until I make the lemon bars.

  5. Oh wow what fun! Can I come? Glad your first party was a success. Your son bakes bread? I am impressed. Enjoy the next 8 weeks.

  6. Your lemon squares sound lovely as does soup night. What a lovely friendly thing to do to open up your house like that.

  7. I love your Soup Night idea-- that sounds so cozy and friendly. And delicious, too...these buttery treats are perfect for sharing.

  8. How fun! What a great idea…I need to learn to be more like you and just go with the flow! Yay for you and your entertaining….and of course you baking :)

  9. That sounds like such great fun!

  10. That sounds like such great fun!