Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Fluted Tangerine-Carrot Cake

Last week I made two cakes for our Soup Night guests:  Dorie's Fluted Tangerine Carrot Cake and  Betty's Chocoholic Cake.  What a contrast in flavors and intensity!

Halfway through Soup Night:  the tangerine cake and the chocolate cake have been equally enjoyed!  By the end of the evening, only crumbs remained.

In my last post, I described how my husband and I host weekly "Soup Nights" during the winter.  We live where it's cold and snowy (Rochester, New York, which is located in western New York, no where near NYC.)  For the past dozen years, we have invited our friends to join us once a week throughout the winter for soup, bread, and desserts.  Folks usually contribute wine or a side dish.  It's a wonderful way to see friends during the stay-at-home months and what could be better than gathering around delicious food?!

This week I made Dorie Greenspan's Fluted Carrot Tangerine Cake.  I thought I took a lot of pictures of the tangerine cake preparations, but I guess I only got the very beginnings! 

I enjoyed making and eating this cake.  It reminded me of Dorie's Swedish Visiting Cake from Baking from my Home to Yours.  Fairly simple to make with subtle but lovely flavors, and beautiful to look at.  I'm sorry that I didn't get a better picture!

I always make two desserts for Soup Night (we have 20+ guests) so I decided that it would be cake night.  Betty's Chocoholic Cake is definitely intense!  Oh so pretty and oh so chocolatey.  If one ate a little slice of the chocolate cake and then a little slice of the tangerine cake, the intensity of the chocolate overpowered the tangerine.  

Our guests enjoyed both cakes--the only leftovers were a few crumbs.


  1. We enjoyed the carrot cake, so simple to make and so good. That
    chocolate cake that you made is gorgeous, I could use a piece
    right about now.

  2. The tangerine cake was so good, but I am wanting a piece of that chocolate one!

  3. Soup night is such a great idea. Perfect for the winter. I love the idea of a bright and sunny cake with a very rich one. Gives variety to choose from.

  4. This was a great recipe, I really enjoyed it!
    What a great idea to have soup night! Sometimes I wish we had a bit of snow in Sydney :)

  5. Your soup nights sound wonderful! I just caught up on the tangerine cake on the blog today and it was a big hit for us.