Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tiramisu Cake

A bunch of people were expected this week for soup, bread, and desserts.  I'm down to 20 recipes in Dorie Greenspan's Baking from my Home to Yours, and wanted to bake something fit for a crowd.  Tiramisu Cake!

This is a layer cake, the layers of which are soaked with an espresso syrup.  The filling is mascarpone, whipped cream, and powdered sugar, with shaved chocolate on top!

I put off baking this cake because it serves 10 generous pieces and was therefore in need of a crowdI  Also, sorry to admit, but I am not a fan of coffee.  One thing that I've learned from baking through Dorie's book, however, is that a teaspoon of espresso powder in a chocolate dessert--brownies, for instance--goes a long way in intensifying the chocolate flavor without making you think "oh this has coffee in it".  Tiramisu Cake, on the other hand, has lots more coffee flavor and my guests thought it was delicious.

I had a bit of trouble with the frosting.  Made of mascarpone, powdered sugar and whipped cream, it was entirely too runny.  Dorie says to put it in the fridge for 15 minutes, but even leaving it for half an hour wasn't enough. Since I had to chill the whole cake for 3 hours before serving, I was in a bit of a time crunch.  I poured the frosting on and some of it dribbled down the sides, collecting on the waxed paper strips I'd put there.  (I'm sorry now that I didn't take a picture--it was rather humorous.)  The flavor (for coffee lovers) was terrific and I a dusting with cocoa concealed any imperfections.  If I make this again, I'll be sure to allow extra time to chill the frosting in the fridge.

Tiramisu Cake 

Giving the unbaked bread pudding "the back of the spoon treatment"
For the non-coffee lovers in the crowd, I baked Dorie's  Apple-apple Bread pudding.  It's wonderful and I have made it a couple of times in the past. This time I used home-made Challah.  Delish!

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  1. I think we had a poor batch of mascarpone. I think mascarpone should be quite thick, like a spreadable cream cheese. I didn't actually see this batch, but it must have been pourable, which is not right.