Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cornmeal Shortbread Cookies

I was away last week and it felt very strange to be unable to bake for a whole week!  I missed the Apple Tart, but will make it up soon, I promise!

I was eager to bake today and realized that as simple as this week's pick for the TWD gang is, lemon zest seemed key. We haven't yet been to the grocery store and I wasn't all that eager to go.  I decided to substitute orange zest for the lemon as I just love the bright, happy aroma of the orange zest being worked into sugar.

The dough went together very easily and it was fun to roll it out in the plastic bag.  My bag did wrinkle a bit, but I decided if I can ignore the wrinkles in my aging face, I can certainly overlook a few faint wrinkles in cookie dough.

The wrinkles smoothed out in the baking and the cookies were thoroughly enjoyed as an after-dinner treat.  Thanks Valerie for this week's choice.


  1. We liked them too. I used orange zest as well but I suspect I would like lemon or lime too.

  2. I loved these cookies, although I wasn't excited at all to make them. I used lime zest and it was good, too.

  3. wrinkles give them character! i also used orange and thought it was a great match.