Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tarte Tropézienne

While this tarte appears amazingly sophisticated, it is actually not all that hard to bake.  Just a tremendous exercise in patience, planning, and allowing plenty of time.  Maybe I had extra confidence in my ability to bake this because when Dorie Greenspan was on a book tour in September 2014 with Baking Chez Moi, I was lucky enough to see her in Seattle.  And this was one of the wonderful samples that we were able to taste!

Dorie speaking in Seattle

My sample Tarte Tropézienne with the book that Dorie later autographed.

I didn't take many pictures when I baked this time, but here is the beautiful brioche dough, the lovely--albeit not perfectly round-- cake out of the oven, and the finished product.  I loved using the pearl sugar which somehow made this look unusually special.

Interestingly, not long after I baked this I was in a fancy local bakery and saw tiny slivers of Tarte Tropézienne being sold for $4.50!  They looked good, but I found myself feeling quite satisfied that I had baked this lovely dessert myself.

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  1. I loved this recipe and what a treat to see Dorie and taste her tarte! Makes me realise how much I miss out living so far away in Australia :) I made the choc cake this week but preferred the tarte.

  2. We loved this one too. How fun that you had a taste of it first while meeting Dorie.

  3. how cool that you got to sample this from dorie herself! i bet this was delicious--i skipped it this month, but will have to come back to it for a rewind.

  4. Your tarte looks perfect and how fun that you got to try Dorie's own version of it too, I've often wondered what that would be like..

  5. What a nice memory of Dorie's book tour. Your cake came out perfect. It is nice to know that you can cook better than what is in the bake shops.