Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Palets de dames

I pre-ordered Dorie Greenspan's new book, Baking Chez Moi, last March and am delighted to have it in my hands!  Actually, I have two copies:  the pre-ordered book arrived October 27 and the next day I I flew out to Seattle to visit my son.  Due to happy coincidence,  Dorie was on her book tour and I was able to see her at the Hot Stove Society--fittingly on a Tuesday!

I had such a warm greeting from Dorie, it was as if we were old friends.  Having baked through and read all the stories in Baking from My Home to Yours, I do feel a happy kinship with her.  I was thoroughly delighted by her entertaining stories about macaron, salt, butter, efforts to persuade her French friends to give share their simple recipes, and how Julia Child announced whenever she used her fingers while cooking that she had "impeccably clean fingers."

Part of the demonstration at Hot Stove was of the Crackle Cream Puffs and Dorie used a small OXO cookie scoop to scoop out the dough.  I announced that I had a fairly complete closet of baking pans and tools, but hadn't yet bought cookie scoops and then asked which ones she recommend I buy.  She said the small and the medium--but actually, all three would be good!  I immediately ordered both the small and the medium and they were waiting for me when I returned from vacationing in Seattle and Portland.  Just in time to use with the Palets de dames!

And now to this week's recipe:

I baked them the day after I flew home and, happily for my jet-lagged self, the Palets de dames cookies are simple and contain only the essential ingredients:  butter, sugar, and flour.

My new OXO cookie scoops.
Thanks, Dorie,  for the recommendation!

Beating the butter.

Weighing the flour.
Thanks, Dorie, for including weight measurements!

The scooped out dough.

The delicious finished product!

I'm so happy to be re-joining the Tuesdays with Dorie bakers and look forward to all of the sweet treats in Baking Chez Moi.  


  1. Peggy, I am thrilled to have you back with us! And, what a thrill to have seen her on the book tour. Lucky lady! Your cookies look perfect. Welcome back!

  2. You totally have me sold on those cookie scoops. Even though Dorie herself mentioned it I now have a completely different opinion on my need for them after NOT having impeccable hands while knocking this recipe out :) Very glad to be on this new cooking adventure with you and so fun you got to see Dorie in person ~You have a VERY good week !!

  3. I am so glad you decided to join the TWD group again! Looking forward to baking along with you on this adventure! I have been cooking and baking with the French Fridays group for the past four years.
    I was also quite lucky to see Dorie in NYC two weeks ago. She signed both of my books! She is most gracious and charming!
    Your cookies look fabulous! Happy baking!

  4. Glad to see you back with the group.
    I am seeing Dorie speak this weekend and am looking forward to hearing her speak again. She is so delightful

  5. So glad you're baking along with us! Yay! Yummy cookies!

  6. I think many of us are happy about those weighted measures! Nice meeting you, Peggy.

  7. It is always fun to get new baking tools! :) So fun that you got to meet Dorie recently! Glad you are baking along!

  8. How exciting that you met Dorie! Those cookie scoops always do a great job - your cookies look wonderful. I'm new to TWD and excited to be baking with everyone.

  9. I'm contemplating buying some cookie scoops, too. So nice that you were in Seattle at just the right time to meet Dorie!

  10. Oh, I have missed baking with you and all your wonderful photos and posts....happy that I am going to have the chance to bake with you again in the newest adventure. Cookie scoops are the greatest and they work so nicely for muffins as well. :-) Your cookies look lovely, but then I knew they would! xo

  11. welcome back-- this is going to be such a fun book to bake from! I also am so glad to see weight measures in it.

  12. Lovely picture of you and Dorie. Cookie scoops are one of the best inventions! Great for meatballs too. :)