Tuesday, March 6, 2012


The new Tuesdays with Dorie project is to bake through Baking with Julia.  I'm still not officially finished with Baking from My Home to Yours, although I only have 13 left to bake.

This new group is just getting started and because these recipes tend to be a bit more complex and show-offy, we're doing two a month instead of one every week.  On the one hand, that doesn't seem like enough baking, and on the other hand, it gives me an opportunity to re-bake some of my favorites from Baking.

This  week's recipe was Rugelach and you can find the complete recipe at  Jessica of My Baking Heart or  Margaret of The Urban Hiker. 

I can't help but compare it to Dorie's Rugelach recipe in Baking:

BWJ:   butter and cream cheese dough that needed chilling
BFMHTY:  butter and cream cheese dough that needed chilling

BWJ:   cylinder shape, then cut into 1" pieces
BFMHTY:  triangles rolled into crescents

BWJ:   homemade apricot lekvar (easy and fun to make ...and very tasty)
BFMHTY:  apricot (or raspberry) preserves (also very tasty)

BWJ:   lovely variety of nuts
BFMHTY:  mostly pecans, because that's my favorite nut

BWJ:   options for dried fruit
BFMHTY:  options for dried fruit and encouragement to add chocolate!

BWJ:   egg wash then roll the rugelach in nut/sugar coating which conceals oozing of filling
BFMHTY:  egg wash and endeavor to keep filling from oozing out

BWJ:  large portion!
BFMHTY:  small portion to tempt you to eat more than one

BWJ:   delicious!
BFMHTY:  delicious!
A lovely assortment of nuts

Rolling this up might be a problem!

Not all that neat, but I didn't think it would matter.

Ready to bake.  

Just out of the oven with a little ooze.

Apricot preserves on the dough for the BFMHTY recipe


The crescent-shaped rugelach from BFMHTY

Two happy little rugelach.

The cheesecake, the rugelach to the right, and Dorie's Chocolate Walnut Teacakes in front.


  1. I just love those little crescents - almost too cute to eat (but I totally would).

  2. They look lovely, I love the look of the crescents.

  3. I think that, in general, rugelach recipes tend to follow the same formula. I went the lazy route and used jam. These were delicious!

  4. Your rugelach look great! I wish I'd done crescents one of my batches, I think it might have held up in the oven a little better!

  5. Thanks for the comparison. I didn't make Rugelach last time but I do like the idea of adding a little chocolate.

  6. your cookies looks prefect .. good job ... Aren't they a delight !!! Loved it !!!!

  7. I like the side by side comparison. Good to know!

  8. I love the side to side comparison of the two!

  9. Fun comparison. And of course everything looks great!