Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cream Scones & Mixed Berry Cobbler

I didn't bake or post last week.  I feel badly about missing a week, but I spent last Tuesday with my husband at the dentist's office and then at the Urgent Care facility.  He was on an extension ladder when it slipped and he plunged about 8 feet, hitting the hard wood floor.  No body parts were broken, although 2  of his teeth were pushed out of place.  The ladder crashed into the 20 gallon aquarium and punched a hole near the top--about 5 gallons of water spurted out all over the place.  As he put it, we had "way too much excitement" that day.

I almost didn't bake this morning but couldn't resist mixing up Dorie Greenspan's Cream Scones which is this week's Tuesdays with Dorie pick.  They are so easy and Dorie suggests that it's possible to freeze the dough, which I did.  (Ok, well I admit that I just baked one little scone for me.)

Scone dough ready to pop into the freezer

My one delicious scone

The day before the furious fall last week, I  baked Dorie's Mixed Berry Cobbler  with blueberries, mulberries from the CSA, raspberries from my neighbor, and strawberries from the farm market.  Wonderful!
Mixed Berry Cobbler

With ice cream!


  1. Oh wow! Hope your husband is doing much better now - that's so scary!

    Your little scone looks so yummy! And that cobbler, too... I'm drooling over here! :)

  2. hope your husband is okay! Both treats look great

  3. Rich just came back from a follow-up visit with the dentist who recommends a visit to an orthodontist to see about moving the teeth back where they belong. Be careful with ladders!

  4. Hope your week is less eventful--maybe even boring. Nothing wrong with boring. Scones and cobblers both help one endure! Take care.

  5. I knocked my 2 front teeth out when I was a kid, so you have to be careful with your teeth. I don't remember making the mixed berry cobbler, that looks so good!