Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fluff-filled Chocolate Madeleines

This week the stock in madeleine pans went up as the Tuesdays with Dorie crowd attempted Fluff-filled Chocolate Madeleines, chosen by Margot of Effort to Deliciousness.

My wonderful son gave me a silicon madeleine pan for Christmas and boy is it slick (literally!)  It's bright red and floppy which just doesn't seem right for a baking pan but I have to admit that those madeleines popped right out.  It was really fun to turn the pan over, give each little mold a push, and see the madeleine drop out without any stickiness.

Using the new pan wasn't the only bit of fun in making this recipe, however.  The dough was easy to make, they baked up just fine (although I wasn't as careful as I might have been on keeping them uniform in size), and as I already mentioned--but it's worth mentioning again--they popped out of the silicon pan very easily.

Then came the fluff.  I cannot remember ever having bought or used marshmallow fluff, so opening the container was intriguing.  The idea is to put the fluff in a pastry bag and, using the tip, poke a little hole in the madeleine.  Then you squirt a bit of fluff into the center of the madeleine.  Well.  I found a metal tip but apparently I gave all of  my pastry bags to my step-daughter when she expressed interest in decorating sugar cookies.  I decided to use a strong plastic bag as a pastry bag, but soon learned why pastry bags are superior:  they don't split apart.  Plastic bags split apart.

So I ended up poking a hole in the madeleine, then squishing in some fluff and pushing it down with the tip of a grapefruit knife.  It sort of worked.

Then I dipped the madeleines in the wonderful chocolate ganache and put them in the refrigerator to set.

The fluff goes into the bag.

Sppppllllit!!  The fluff goes out of the bag!

New tools

Poking a hole

Smooshing in the fluff

All fluffed up madeleines!

Chocolate for the ganache

The yummy finished madeleines!

Dorie says you can add a squiggle of fluff on top for decoration but given the state of my decorating "tools", that was out of the question.  Even without the squiggles, however deliciousness achieved!


  1. WOw they turned out good! Nice pan from your son too!! I love it when my kids get me stuff for the kitchen!

  2. Great job. You don't need squiggles to make them good.

  3. I had the same problem with my bag splitting. Yours look fantastic! :)

  4. The madeleines turned out great! I love the picture of "smooshing in the fluff."

    Thanks for baking with me this week, I'm glad you had fun making the madeleines!